Are there other dwarf planets?

Some people think it’s sad that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. They think about the eight big planets, and then they think about Pluto all alone. But Pluto isn’t alone at all. There are lots of little worlds around Pluto. And Pluto isn’t even the only dwarf planet. Ceres is a dwarf planet, too. In fact, there are five dwarf planets: Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris. Anything that goes around the Sun and is round, but isn’t big enough to be a big planet, is a dwarf planet. There are a few other little mini planets that might be round, so they might be dwarf planets, too. These little mini planets have cool names like Quaoar, Sedna, and 2007 OR10. Pluto isn’t alone at all. It just finally found friends the right size.