Gwistix [ˈɡwɪs.tɪks]

What is gwistix?

This is a site dedicated to some really cool, but really nerdy stuff:

What does gwistix mean?

It started off with an observation: As an undergraduate in Linguistics, I noticed that in every library catalog, organization, etc., people use ling as the abbreviated form of linguistics. Just for fun, I thought I'd switch it up and use the other half of the word instead, with a spelling that made the pronunciation more intuitive.

Since its inception as a collection of my really old made-for-Internet-Explorer-6 alphabet programs (back when IE was really the only major contender in the browser wars), gwistix has evolved into more of a collection of all of my nerdy interests, as well as my username/handle for Twitter, StackExchange, and more. Pages and apps still designed with linguistics in mind use the IPA version of gwistix: [ˈɡwɪs.tɪks]