Yutyrannus Territory

You decide to cross into the rugged terrain. Ahead you see the pulsing blue light, flashing faster and faster the closer you get. Suddenly you hear an ear-shattering roar from just behind you and you turn instinctively to see what it is. In the waning light of the sun and the eerie pulsing light from up ahead, you see your first full-sized carnivore. It’s more than three times as tall as you, and from where you stand you have a clear view of its enormous head and huge, gaping jaws. Long, thin feathers cover its entire body, beginning at the back of the head and stretching down all the way to the end of its tail. As the monster sees you, it stretches out the feathers around the back of its head, revealing a jagged crest. The puffed out feathers on its arms and body make it look even bigger than it is, and the fan-like burst of feathers at the end of its tail writhe back and forth as it slowly walks forward, watching you with each step.

The beast roars once more and lunges. Everything goes into slow motion, and you try to move out of the way. As you dodge to the side, your ECT falls to the ground. You accidentally step on the button, at the same time noticing that the red light is flashing. You hear Dr. Owen’s voice scream out of the device:

Timmy, no! That’s the yutyrannus exhibit!

Those are the last words you hear before everything becomes darkness as you are eaten whole.