A Tree in the Forest

You hurry to the nearest large tree and climb as high as you can. Looking down from the top of the tree, you can see that a few of the feathered carnivores have already gathered around the base of the tree. You’ll just have to stay here until they get tired of waiting. As more of the velociraptors gather around the tree, you start to wonder if they will get tired of waiting.

Suddenly, a juvenile, smaller but more agile than the rest, approaches the tree. In one quick hop, it jumps an astounding distance into the first branch of the tree, flapping its feathered arms to keep its balance. You look down in horror as it uses its claws to dig into the bark of the tree before jumping to the next branch. In half the time it took you to climb the tree, it’s on the branch below you. You kick your legs out, trying to knock it off balance, but you lose your balance instead, and fall the entire distance to the ground, where the rest of the pack is waiting expectantly. You scream as they pounce on your body. You are alive when they start to eat you.