A Member of the Herd

You approach the nearest brachiosaurus, holding up an enormous leaf you found on a tree low to the ground. The brachiosaurus ignores you. You decide to climb a tree and offer the leaf to the dinosaur. The brachiosaurus takes a few steps closer, swinging the front of its body around with its long front legs. Suddenly, it reaches its head down and grabs the leaf in its mouth! The action throws you off balance, and you start to fall. The brachiosaurus catches you on its head and lets you slide down its neck onto its back. It’s a rough slide down, but not uncomfortable. Once on the dinosaur’s back, you feel a surge of power unlike anything you’ve felt before. You discover that by holding onto its neck and leaning to one side or another, you can direct the brachiosaurus where to go. The other brachiosauruses look your way and nod, accepting you into the herd. You begin to feel like this is where you were always supposed to live. What do you do next?


Do you stay here and live among the brachiosauruses as a member of the herd, or try to find your way home?