SCENE: The Raptor Forest

EXT. We see Timmy running through the forest, surrounded by velociraptors. We see him gradually get ahead of them, and then come out of the trees.

TEXT: Timmy decides to make a run for it. At first he hears the raptors all around him in the underbrush, but after a few minutes, it sounds like most of them are behind him. Timmy runs for all he’s worth and finally make it to the edge of the trees. The raptors are nowhere to be seen.

After resting for a few minutes well away from the trees, Timmy looks around and sees a large grassy plain to the north, and rugged, rocky terrain to the west. He can see the mysterious blue light off to the west, pulsing more rapidly now than before. The sun is low on the horizon to the west. Which way should Timmy go?

We see Timmy shrugging while looking at the camera.


Should Timmy go north into the grassy plain, or west into the rugged terrain, toward the blue light?