SCENE: The Northern Plain

EXT. We see a vast swath of grassy plain, with Timmy very small but visible in the corner of the frame.

TEXT: As Timmy walks through the low grass of the northern plain, he thinks of all that he has experienced so far here in this strange place in this strange time. He realizes that even if he makes it home, he will never be the same.

We see a large feathered ostrich-like creature, with Timmy in the foreground.

TEXT: Suddenly, Timmy is pulled out of his reverie by something he sees up ahead. It looks like an enormous ostrich, grazing quietly in the grass of the plain. The creature’s body is covered in feathers, but its head and neck are bare. The legs are also mostly bare, but the arms and tail are covered with long colorful feathers. The feathered arms almost look like wings. Timmy decides to ask Dr. Owen what it is.

Dr. Owen, are you there?

Thank goodness! You made it out of velociraptor territory!

Yeah. Now I’m in a big grassy area. There’s some kind of giant ostrich here, too.

That’s a gallimimus. It really is somewhat like a big ostrich. You should keep your distance, though. Even a regular ostrich can kill an adult human, and a full-grown ostrich is only about half the size of a gallimimus.

We see Timmy shrugging while looking directly at the camera.


Should Timmy approach the gallimimus, or steer clear?